Build mental and physical resilience, from a place of peace and self awareness


I use gym training to enhance my health and wellbeing. I incorporate Physical Intelligence techniques to go deeper in building mental and physical resilience, from a place of peace and self awareness.

Physical Intelligence is the science that creates harmony between mind and body. Harmonising mind and body creates Happiness, Confidence, Resilience and Presence in all levels of life. We use breathing, posture, specific movement patterns and visualisations in order to prepare, act and recover from a place of strength, stability and flexibility.

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Our initial meeting is called a Chemistry Session, where we establish the beginnings of the coach-client relationship. There is no charge for this session.

For coaching relationships to be effective they usually last a minimum of three months, meeting twice monthly. Coaching is most often conducted over the phone or a previously agreed upon platform, such as Zoom, but can be done in person if you prefer and live or work within the London area.

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