Some frequently asked questions answered:


"How do I know if you are the right Coach for me?"

Once initial contact is made, we'll go ahead and set up a complimentary 30 minute session, where I can learn a little bit more about your situation and you can get a feel for me and my coaching style. It's during this Chemistry Session that we can determine if I'm able to add value and if our communication styles and work relationship are compatible. Assuming that is the case, we would set up our first call to begin tackling your issues.


"I've been to a therapist before and I have to say, I didn't like it. How are you different?"

Therapy tends to explore the past - childhood traumas as one example, to get to the root cause of any issues, whereas coaching explores your current situation, and looks to develop your strengths and bring awareness to the aspects your life that you want to focus on today. My coaching style centred around peak performance, aiming to get you from bronze medal to gold, winning your race your way.


"How long do you need to work with people? I want help but I don't want to be doing this for the rest of my life!"

My coaching program is typically set up in 3 month blocks, divided into 6 sessions, speaking once every 2 weeks. Payment for each month is made at the start of the month.

The ultimate aim of coaching is to transform your mindset and put you onto a path of life changing action . As we meet I will introduce various tools and techniques that will increase your awareness of who you are and where you are at this moment in your life. What we learn will influence your subsequent action plan. There is accountability around this action plan which we will follow up over subsequent coaching sessions. The aim is to discover the learning that comes out of the action that you took, or did not. We are setting you up for a life of fulfilment, balance and joy. The time limit on that is up to you. I require just one month’s notice if you wish to end our sessions before the previously agreed time.


"I don't live in your area. Can you still coach me?"

Yes! Currently all my clients are coached over the phone or with Zoom, but can be done in person if you prefer and live or work within the London area.


"I am a traditionalist and would feel more comfortable meeting in person. Can we do that?"

If you live or work within the London area, then yes, absolutely.



“I’ve been working with Mike for about 8 weeks now and have seen significant changes in my business, health and relationships in this time. Being self employed I needed some accountability and strategies for managing my time, energy and stress levels. The coaching sessions always go completely differently to how I imagine them which is a very positive thing. I frequently end up running around my living room or doing intense visualisation exercises which normally would be way out of my comfort zone.

Mike makes it really easy, with his laid back and relaxed style, so I don’t feel self conscious or stupid going into some of the deeper stuff which I have learned confronts the real causes behind a lot of our behaviours. In short most people are probably not going to come across these keys to lasting change on their own so I would 100% recommend giving it a try if you feel you’re not at your best in any area.

As a side note, the small changes we agree on in coaching seem like almost nothing at times, and too easy, but now I’m a couple of months in I can see that these consistent changes are really essential and make a huge difference over time!” Rob Joyce, Free to Move UK

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