The Art of Coaching



The art of coaching involves a unique relationship between two people or a group of people. Unique because the coach knows that the client has all the answers, and it is the coach’s job to help the client to realise that.

How many steps back do you need to see yourself. Who you see in the mirror is not you. It is a reflection of you. What you see is decades of habit and social conditioning. To see your true self you need to be very clear on how your social life, family life, work life and thought patterns has programmed your behaviour and perception of yourself and others.

Awareness is everything. Without it (we) practise self defeating actions everyday, hence creating more cortisol and adrenaline in our system, which creates more toxins and inhibits proper rest and recovery at the end of the day and hinders progress the next day.







“Mike has been coaching me for just a few weeks and has already made a great difference to my perception and ability to deal with both work and personal challenges. He is warm and supportive, yet challenging when required. Recommended.” Claudia Schultz, Senior Account Manager

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