The answer is in the question.

Ask the right questions and your current mindset and self belief system will be revealed. Discover how you are holding yourself back.



I have built my coaching programme on the premise that “The Truth will set you free”. This is how we begin our coach/client relationship by discovering your Truth. We reveal the current self limiting, negative self speak - energy draining story that you are currently telling yourself. This is often a Story that is running in the background of your conscious mind; in your subconscious. Some visible side effects are frustration, lack of motivation and procrastination. We will look at how this Story is impacting your personal and professional life, and we ask the question “ How long have you been living in this state of being? If nothing changes, what will be the outcome in a week or in a year”. ….How long will you suffer until you take back control of your Narrative, unlearn your bad habits and replace them with habits that serve you. In my coaching framework we will pinpoint the what, the why and the how, to overcome inertia and boredom, and maximise learning and growth. Even the most optimistic, successful, intelligent people can become attached to a self limiting story when they fail big or often.

Why Me ? I coach from the balance of being and doing. I spent 20 years as a scuba diving instructor and business owner in the Caribbean. I have instilled confidence, composure and self-belief in thousands of people. My desire to go deeper, beyond the fun stuff and really create permanent change in people's lives, motivated me to become a Certified Coach with CTI. What I have learnt is that most people want the best outcome for themselves but are held back because of a fear of failure and being perceived as such by their peers. When you connect with your Purpose, the Fear no longer matters. You can learn how to Transform that fear to excitement. I believe that there is a wild joy that lives in all of us, it is my aim to help you to connect with that everyday.

What would that look like; be like ? Do you dare to look? Contact me and let’s schedule a complimentary chemistry session and find out. We will discover where on the emotional chart you are now and we will begin to create strategy for where you are going. No judgement, just stillness and acceptance, movement and progress. The small agenda is achieving your current goals, the big agenda is discovering who you truly are and stepping into that. These are NO BS sessions. We are here to take responsibility for our lives, not to blame the world for our circumstances.

This is not about complaining and being the victim. This is about taking back your power. I offer a program that uncomplicates, untangles and simplifies your life and creates clarity. You will grow, you will change . . . If you are willing to do the necessary work for yourself and put it into action; then let's book a call and get started!







“Mike has been coaching me for just a few weeks and has already made a great difference to my perception and ability to deal with both work and personal challenges. He is warm and supportive, yet challenging when required. Recommended.” Claudia Schultz, Senior Account Manager

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